Pro 5MP Fisheye LT, tyco , illustra
Pro 5MP Fisheye LT, tyco , illustra

Pro 5MP Fisheye LT | Illustra

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Part # ADCi825LT-F311 or ADCi825LT-F312



The sleek, discreet design of the Illustra Pro 5MP Fisheye LT allows it to blend into any environment for inconspicuous surveillance. Ideal for applications such as retail stores, expansive indoor parking areas, casinos, building lobbies, elevators, corridor intersections, and university lecture halls, the 5MP Fisheye LT enhances situational awareness with a 360° bird’s eye view from the ceiling. When used with most Video Management Systems, the 360-degree image can be dewarped by the client to provide multiple panoramic or rectilinear views for both live and recorded scenes.


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