Kantech T.Rex Request To Exit Detector

Kantech T.Rex Request To Exit Detector

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The Smart Exit Detector
T.Rex provides a complete solution to exit detection and door surveillance for access control applications. Outstanding innovations such as horizontal and vertical Detection Zone Targeting and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) make T.Rex the fastest and most reliable exit detector on the market today.

Horizontal and vertical targeting adds an extra layer of security by adjusting the detection zone. The detection area of the T.Rex can be adjusted so that it will not "hit" the floor along the doorjamb, defeating any attempt to circumvent door supervision by sliding objects under the door.

In addition, it uses infrared detection coupled with DSP sampling to allow the T.Rex to accurately detect exits and prevent false "Door Forced Open" alarms.

Main Features
  • Accurate and adjustable detection zone
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Unlocks or shunts door automatically
  • Hands-free, no buttons to push

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