CDVI | AMC25 Atrium Mobile Credential License

CDVI | AMC25 Atrium Mobile Credential License

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Part # AMC25 | CV-AMC25


AMC25 – ATRIUM Mobile Credential License - The AMC25 contains 25 mobile credentials that can be added to your ATRIUM system. Give users the ability to unlock doors with their phone when using the ATRIUM BT app.

  • KRYPTO Mobile-PASS credentials can be issued on-site at a reader which allows for instant activation or remotely via email or text message (SMS).
  • Credentials issued remotely are automatically activated when the app is detected by one of the on-site readers.
  • One mobile credential per site
  • One Mobile-Pass is equivalent to one access credential (such as card or tag)
  • ATRIUM supports up to 10,000 credentials
  • Mobile-PASS are compatible with Krypto Bluetooth readers only.

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